Inbound Sales

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What is Inbound Sales?

Unlike some archaic sales methods that preach “always be closing” and “always be calling”, inbound sales works hand-in-hand with inbound marketing which believes in quality over quantity. Quality in both the quality of your leads and the quality of the relationship that you build with those leads. Inbound sales is all about offering help to meet the needs, challenges, and goals of your prospective customers. This builds a relationship with your prospective customers, which allows you to lead them through their decision-making process, instead of forcing them to make a purchase.

What are the benefits of Inbound Sales?


Align Sales and Marketing

Make sure your sales and marketing team are working hand-in-hand to turn quality leads into quality customers.


Maximize Your Leads

Provide your sales team with quality leads and the tools to turn them into quality customers.


Build Trust and Loyalty

Build trust and loyalty with your leads and customers by focusing on their needs, challenges, and goals.

Inbound Sales Solutions


CRM Implementation

When it comes to your HubSpot CRM implementation there are a couple of important steps to take. First, we will make sure we understand your sales process and everything that goes into it. Secondly, we will build your CRM to match your sales process. Then we will migrate your old data into your new system. And lastly, we will be here to help you monitor and optimize your CRM and sales process as you grow. Our CRM implementation process includes: 

    • Data Cleanse and Import
    • Sales Pipeline Setup
    • Custom Fields and View Creation
    • Integrations
    • Custom Reporting Setup


Sales Enablement

Once your CRM is set up, our sales enablement process will help your sales team maximize your leads. By supplying your team with the right materials and tools, they will have the ability to sell more effectively. We accomplish that in a number of ways. First, we will help you organize your content so that your sales team knows what content to provide prospective customers and when. Then we will help automate their prospecting and outreach so that they can sell better and faster. Our sales enablement process includes:

    • Sequence Creation & Optimization
    • Email Template Creation
    • Deal Pipeline Creation
    • Workflows and Automation Setup
    • Rep-Specific Landing Pages
    • Custom Reporting Setup


Sales and Marketing Alignment

Making sure your sales and marketing teams are aligned is key to your company’s growth. By aligning your sales and marketing teams, you make sure your marketing team is providing your sales team with the best information possible. This information will help your sales team know what products or services their leads and customers are interested in and when they should reach out to them. This will help them build trust and customer loyalty. We can help you achieve this alignment through:

    • Workshops and Audits
    • Defining Goals
    • Defining Lifecycle Stages
    • SLA and Reporting

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